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Role - Branding, Packaging, Art Direction

Year - 2021

Client - Personal Project

Sen is a Vietnamese high-end, sustainable fashion label, retailing premium and locally produced lotus silk garments from Dong Thap Province, Vietnam. As a slow fashion brand, we make a conscious effort to partner with local artisans while taking the best of our abilities to ensure quality.


Although the flower is the most iconic image that comes to our head when talking about the lotus flower, the precious lotus silk is made out of the fibre extracted from the stem, not the flower. The logo steps away from the stereotype by capturing the images of the delicate fibre being extracted from the lotus stems and make it the main element of the logo. It embraces the art of extracting the fibre, the finesse, the craftsmanship, and the hard work of the skilful artisans to create the luxurious lotus silk garments.

The logo also represents a lot of things: the initial‘s’ of the brand name, as well as the resemblanceVietnam’s geographic shape; the “infinity” symbolas the silk is fully organic and biodegradable at theend of its life cycle; and the loom that helps spin thedelicate lotus thread into beautiful textiles.

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