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2023 / Add an Education Name / Venue Name

2023 / Add an Education Name / Venue Name

2023 / Add an Education Name / Venue Name

Joey is a Melbourne-based emerging creative, visual problem solver, a self-proclaimed home chef and a dancer outside work. He holds a Bachelor of Design with a major in Communication Design from Swinburne University of Technology.

He has always been thrilled about connecting ideas and translating them into evocative and emotionally engaging design, especially for social well-being and impact. Joey has constantly been driven to search for opportunities that challenge him to grow as a designer and as a human being.

One of his most recent achievements includes winning AGDA Student Award in multiple design categories, where he competed with thousands of design students around Australia.

While he is not sure what comes next on his design journey, he feels confident and excited about the possibilities ahead.


2020 — AGDA Awards

             Student Identity – 2 Merits
             Student Craft – 1 Merit
             Student Digital – 1 Merits
             Student Packaging – 2 Finalists
             Student Print – 1 Finalist

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